The Global Labor Market Conference (GLMC) will be a platform for development of innovative solutions to the major challenges facing labor markets today.

An international and multi-stakeholder meeting of policymakers, industry leaders, forward-thinking organizations and visionary experts, the Conference will enrich our understanding of labor market mega- trends, developments in labor laws and standards, and policies and programs to future-proof workforces and workplaces.

The GLMC takes an evidence-based approach that welcomes learning from leaders’ insights and observations as well as experiments and pilot programs.

GLMC 2023 comes at a time when headline after headline is announcing the revolutionary implications of generative AI. The Conference will feature discussions on what new technologies will mean for global labor markets and workforces, whether AI might escape the productivity conundrum, and how to overcome the global skills gaps that AI is accentuating.

Changing labor market demographics will also be top of the agenda. The Conference will share insights from world-class experts about changes in labor force participation, demand for corporate social responsibility, work conditions, and workplace well-being. Education and training for future skills will be explored to address the skills gap that requires upskilling and reskilling, revealing innovative best practice approaches and programs that employers and governments may adopt for the welfare and prosperity of all.

Through conversations on subjects such as reshoring for decent work, the four-day workweek, how data is changing the labor market game, and what is needed to continue advancing Saudi women in the labor market, the Conference will invite participants to refresh their perspectives on labor market innovations.

  1. GLOBAL LABOR MARKET CATALYSTS: Trends, Climate Change, Regulation, Production

  2. SKILLS & PRODUCTIVITY CONUNDRUMS: Skills Gap, Participation, Upskilling, Reskilling

  3. LABOR MARKET MAKEOVERS: Regionalization, Reshoring, Localization, Labor Mobility

  4. WORK FOR ALL: Challenges for the Young and Old, Policies for All-Ages Workforce

  5. AI NEEDS PEOPLE?: Technological Revolutions, Sector Transformation, Role of People

  6. LABOR MARKET RE-ENGINEERED: Structural Transformation, Role of SME's, Nature of Work

  7. THE RIGHT WAY TO (DE)REGULATE: Mobility, Talent Hubs, & Engines of Growth

  8. THE FUTURE-PROOFED ORGANIZATION: Employee Wellbeing, Corporate Social Responsibility

13th and 14th of December 2023

King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center, Riyadh, KSA

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